Guidelines to install an Artificial Grass

Guidelines on how to install Artificial Grass at your home

Want to bring nature into your house? Then buy and install the fake or synthetic grass which is made of nylon, polyethylene or polypropylene which give it a natural look. Their fine filaments are threaded on back which lets the water ooze out from the drainage layer that supports the back part of Artificial Grass through compacted gravel which is fastened along the perimeter. The thatched layer beneath the grass makes it look like natural.

The installation cost of fake grass differs according to its manufacturer, quality, height and density of piles (grass hairs) you are using. It is actually a bit costlier than the ordinary grass when you are installing it for the first time. The life span of fake grass is 15 to 25 years and alternative to natural grass that doesn’t require mowing, watering and fertilizers.

How to install synthetic grass?

Synthetic grass is gaining popularity worldwide in the concrete jungles. With lack of time and interest of gardening few had tried to install this fake grass in their lawns, porticos, backyards, pool sides, terrace, and balcony and inside of homes on walls etc to feel fresh and relaxed after coming back from work.

Installing this synthetic grass is very simple and one needs to follow few steps. They are as follows:

  • Take help of professional installers who know how to fix it on which surface. If you want to mount this grass on soil, remove the existing grass with the help of sod cutter to cut evenly across the lawn and dispose it off.
  • The ground where the grass needs to be installed should be excavated up to two inches depth for good drainage and keep the pets out of reach.
  • It is advantageous to install bend aboard around the perimeter of the grass to keep it firm and not pulled up by any pets.
  • One can install irrigation heads in between the fake grass to sprinkle water on hot days and keep it cool and wash it down automatically.
  • Add the gravel nearly a quarter inch above to create a nice mound look to make it natural.
  • Rake the low spots using compactor, wet the area with hose and go over the area once from outside.
  • Before the installation of fake grass make the area wet but not as if rained for a long time.
  • With the help of plate compactors go over it and push the gravel up and afterwards remove the bend aboard to give it a natural look. Then broom once to remove the excess material on the edges.
  • Choose the weed which you like to install from the varied types
  • Add the fake grass and make the preliminary cuts that are close around the edges.
  • Fix the grass using seam and apply glue or use staples or nails with the help of professionals.
  • Once the grass is seamed remove the nails or screws around the perimeter.
  • Infill the grass top with sand or a recycled crumb to give it a natural look by using power broom and keeping its blades upright.


  • With less space for gardening bring home Artificial Grass and install in your balcony, rooftop or children play area to feel the nature. It is easy to install and maintain without the need of mowing, watering, and fertilizing. After installation ensure to infill the sand on top that keeps your grass cool in summers and protects it during heavy winds by giving a realistic look.


Pet Friendly Artificial Grass For Your Home

Get pet friendly artificial grass for your home

When was the last time you gave a gift to your pet? Was it just yesterday or a year ago? Or was it so long back that you don’t even remember? Well, whenever it must have happened, this is the time to give the ultimate gift to your lovely pet or pets. You must have noticed every time you take the pets out for a stroll, they just love walking on the lush green grass in the parks and rolling over it. What if you could bring the same experience for them right at your own home? Or what of the nearest park that has lying barren since long could be transformed into a lush green expanse of ultimate enjoyment for your pets? Yes, you need a pet friendly artificial grass.

What is a pet friendly artificial grass?

The pet friendly artificial grass that we are talking about, and what the world has gone crazy for, is fake grass that is made pet friendly artificial grass out of polymers and gives the feel of a real grass without the need of growing actual grass over the lands that may be lying barren. The fake grass is made out of polypropylene and has a backing of polyester cord at the backing. The backing can also be made of any other material, like jute, plastic and even polyester. The way of manufacturing can vary from one company to another.

Benefits of having a pet friendly artificial grass

The advantages that are conferred by the pet friendly artificial grass are numerous. Let’s have a look at each one of these.

Pets just love the artificial grass

No pet likes a lawn that is dry and brittle. If you want your pet to enjoy all time, then this is the perfect gift that you can get for it. The pet friendly artificial grass is something that will remain green for the entire duration of the year. You won’t have to worry about watering it and getting it mowed or trimmed. The uniform size of the grass blades ensure that the lawn is always ready and welcoming to your pets. Whether they want to roll or stroll or frolic around, your pet will get pampered like no other pet in the world.

Improve pet’s quality of life

Can you imagine that pet friendly artificial grass can help you enhance the quality of your pet’s life? If not, then try imagining the quality of life that you can have when all types of luxuries are guaranteed to you. No wonder, you will love each day of yours. This same way, the artificial grass can be the ultimate luxury for your pets. A happy pet and a happy day for it means the pet lives longer and is healthier. The happiness and activity of pet will also rejuvenate you and it will the start of a happier home. There is nothing stopping you from getting this except your decision to get the pet friendly artificial grass.

Easy to maintain

The tedious process of cleaning the tall natural grass almost twice every week is something that every one cannot bear. Moreover, it is a headache to have the natural grass mowed every month. Certainly, in this era of hectic life, you won’t like to have that pain. This is where the pet friendly artificial grass can work wonders. The short blades of the fake grass are too easy to clean with a stiff broom and with a leaf blower. You can even have the artificial grass that absorbs the liquid waste of your pet easily and can also eliminate the smell that results from it.

Amazing shock pads

The conventional shock pads that are usually installed in parks and schools are good at draining water and absorbing shock, yet they smell when pets urinate over it. The pet friendly artificial grass can end your worries about this as they act as wonderful shock absorbers and also don’t retain smell. The pet owners can now be more sensitive towards the environment and the hygiene of the neighborhood.


The ultimate gift that you can bring for your pets this time is the artificial grass. Your pets will certainly love you all the more for this superb hamper.



Installation Of Artificial Grass For Your Lawn

Installation Of Artificial Grass In Your Lawn: How To Do It Right

Before installation of an artificial turf at the pool side or lawn area of your house, it is quite essential to know about how much quantity of grass you are required to purchase. Therefore, you must measure the area properly as you get the carpets or turfs in meters so it is suggested to convert it into meters. While installing artificial grass you may have to install sound drainage and may be you have to remove the natural layer of grass. After doing so you would be ready for the installation of unnatural grass in your lawn or pool side area. If you are really up to such renovation of your house then you are at the right place. Keep on reading to know about the steps of getting things done in an appropriate way while the whole process. Keep in mind about number of things like there should be no scope of growing unnecessary plants like weed, and the joints should be connected in a proper way.

Gravel base and sharp sand would lay a good foundation

You may use treated timber or its stakes in order to frame an area. It could be advised to use eight inches timber that is treated Artificial grass installationtantalised for the soil areas that have heavy clay or are poorly drained. On the other hand for area that is well drained, tantalised timber of four inches would be just enough. Now when you know the measurements, screw the timbers to stakes so that stakes are left inside the perimeter. Then you may simply decide whether the artificial grass have to meet a decking, wall or concrete path after that place timber flush with height of the surface and with the help of temporary fillet (10mm), pack it close to wall and make sure that some space is left for tucking the grass in between timber and material for adjoining it later on.

Placement of stakes

Place the stakes opposing to inner perimeter of the timber’s edge, then hammer it to ground for ensuring that stakes are not higher than the edge of timber. After that you could screw stake to edging.

It is advised to lay a surface of crushed stone of about three inches along with the soil with quality of heavy clay. It is not essential for most areas and is required only if the water table is high where water is held by ground for a long time after rain. Then compact ground with the help of vibrating plate which you could take in rent from the companies that provide such equipment on lease.

Layer for the control of weed growth

It is required to make good efforts at this stage in order to have a beautiful lawn or pool area. Artificial grass installation not only involves constructive measures but some preventive measures as well. It looks really awful when unplanned plants like weeds and other such bushes grow in the lawns, so take some precautions for that. Like it could be suggested to apply a textile membrane that controls weed growth and cut if required this will not let it grow. With the help of an inch long galvanised nail tack it to the edging of timber, this textile membrane would reduce the chances of weed growth with the assistance of drainage holes present in artificial grass.

Rolling out the turf

Place the turf in the direction you like while doing the carpet, make sure that it is placed in order to minimize joints, cuts and waste. If the turf met an edge or path and the timber is laid appropriately as instructed before, then the grass could be easily wedged between. While joining makes sure that you lay the grass in the similar direction to where pile is running.

There are some more steps like jointing or spreading of sand if required and after all this has been done you could simply relax in a beautiful decorated garden. In order to reduce the work load you could simply hire a company for the installation of artificial grass at your place may be it is a lawn or the area alongside of your pool.

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